Global climate and Disease

This topic will explore the relationship between climatic factors and infectious diseases,
identify the link between climatic and disease, and make a data chart.

Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is mainly spread by black mosquitoes, especially the Egyptian mosquitoes.
Dengue fever is one of the most serious diseases of the world's infectious diseases.
Most of the disease is mainly distributed in the subtropical and tropical regions, but with the increasing global temperature,
the climate is getting warmer, more and more areas meet the breeding conditions of mosquitoes,
and therefore in recent years, dengue disease also has a large number of diseases are still in the subtropical and tropical areas Expansion to high latitudes.

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About Us

We mainly collect weather and infectious diseases from Taiwan and other neighboring countries.
Such as: denguefever, zawa ...
Explore and analyze whether the weather factor.
For example: the heavy rain and high temperature caused the disease and the greenhouse effect and the Christ Child brought to the earth's disease accomplice.
One by one to OpenData visualization of the way to allow users to know which several climatic factors led to the outbreak of the disease, and to prevent in advance.

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